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  • DIN A cast iron globe valve -Yuanda valve

  • DIN A cast iron globe valve -Yuanda valve

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rara anzai,Technical Requirement: go,1. Design and Manufacture: DIN 3356;

2. Face to Face: F1 SEIRE OF DIN3202,jangel sex go,3. Flange End: BS EN1092-2:1997;

4 Test: ISO 5208;,

steve holmes,Product Details

Din Cast Iron Globe Valve Type A

Main parts and materials,xvideos wap

Parts NameMaterials
Seat RingSS

DIN Cast Iron Globe Valve Type A

Product Features:,

xxx manga,DIN standard globe valves use a double strong bellows seal design (bellows + packing) to ensure zero stem leakage. No fluid loss, improves plant safety and complies with international sealing standards. The sealing surface of the globe valve is surfacing with Co base hard alloy, which has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good friction resistance and long service life. Stem conditioning and surface nitriding treatment, has good anti-corrosion and anti-friction performance; Valve stem lifting position indication, more intuitive